Reference Documentation

This web site serves as the main entry point to learn how to use Data Flow. The reference guide contains more detailed information about using and configuring several areas of Data Flow (for example, security).

If you do not find the information you are looking for on this web site, see the Spring Cloud Data Flow Reference Guide.

The following projects play a pivotal part in the streaming and batch data processing use cases. The projects all individually evolve with different backlogs, priorities, and release cadences. However, Spring Cloud Data Flow as a product brings them together for a cohesive developer experience. Hence, we broadly refer to these projects as the "Spring Cloud Data Flow Ecosystem".

Name Description Documentation
Spring Cloud Stream Event-driven Spring Boot microservices that communicate with one another over messaging middleware. Reference Guide
Spring Cloud Task Short-lived Spring Boot microservices that store task execution information in a database. Reference Guide
Spring Cloud Skipper Manages the blue-green deployment of Spring Cloud Stream applications on multiple Cloud Platforms. Reference Guide
Spring Cloud Stream Applications A collection of components that can meet various data integration use cases and requirements. Reference Guide