Composed Task Property Syntax

In the 2.8 release of Spring Cloud Data Flow the syntax for specifying properties has been simplified. In the past the syntax for setting a property in composed task runner was as follows: app.<composed task definition name>.<app label>.property. We have removed the requirement that you have to specify the Composed Task Definition Name, so now to set a property for a composed task looks like app.<app label>.property. The old property format is still supported, but it is encouraged to use the new format.

NOTE: You can read more about setting composed task properties here.

Microsoft SQL Server

In 2.8 there have been some modifications to the Spring Cloud Data Flow schema for Microsoft SQL Server. The TASK_SEQ sequence table has been replaced with a TASK_SEQ sequence. This migration should occur when Spring Cloud Data Flow 2.8.x is run for the first time on the database instance.