Kubernetes Compatibility

The Spring Cloud Data Flow implementation for Kubernetes uses the Spring Cloud Deployer Kubernetes library for orchestration. Before you begin setting up a Kubernetes cluster, see the compatibility matrix to learn more about deployer and server compatibility against Kubernetes release versions.

The following listing outlines the compatibility between Spring Cloud Data Flow for Kubernetes Server and Kubernetes versions:

Kubernetes 1.18.x Kubernetes 1.19.x Kubernetes 1.20.x Kubernetes 1.21.x Kubernetes 1.22.x Kubernetes 1.23.x
SCDF K8S Server: 2.9.x - K8S Deployer: 2.7.x
SCDF K8S Server: 2.8.x - K8S Deployer: 2.6.x ?
SCDF K8S Server: 2.7.x - K8S Deployer: 2.5.x ? ? ? ?
SCDF K8S Server: 2.6.x - K8S Deployer: 2.4.x ? ? ? ?